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Testimonials: Services


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"Working with Carly has been an amazing journey. I never thought virtual counselling could be so wonderful. Through our sessions together, things were changing in a subtle, gentle, yet profound way. My self-awareness kept growing, as well as the gentleness towards myself.

It was very easy to trust Carly. Her approach is respectful and empowering, which is so important to me. I was always able to return to my inner authority. Coming back to my body allowed for the natural intelligence and wisdom that is always there, to emerge. This is the real meaning and purpose of this work, for me.

Carly’s presence is very loving, non-judgemental and spacious. She always gave me the space to explore my inner world at my own pace, while guiding me in a gentle way. 

The trust and faith she had in me was genuine. I felt seen; recognized. I didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with me. I felt perfect just as I was with my wounds and strengths. I am grateful because in my experience, not all counsellors have honed that skill.

Each session was unique and creative, where I could explore my felt sense and what I was experiencing through my body.

Carly’s humility, compassion, emotional intelligence, knowledge and sense of humour are gifts to this world. I am very grateful for the work we did together.

Rachel Jutras
Victoria, BC

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"Carly has been an essential and integral part of my health and wellness regime. I had been searching for a practitioner like her since I first moved to the Kootenays. She is intuitive, professional, and very skilled at her practice which creates a treatment that is specific for what I need every time I see her. Thai massage has been a therapy that I have found works for me and I could only ever imagine having Carly work on me."

Jessica Curran

Owner of Primary Choice Homes

Nelson, BC


"I look forward to my regular massages with Carly. She knows exactly how to keep my body going for the work I do! I highly recommend seeing her to feel balanced and relaxed."

Erin Murphy

Owner of Bijou Hair Salon

Nelson, BC


“My experience with Carly opened my eyes to the wisdom of Thai Medicine and how helpful it has been for dealing with the chronic stress and tension in my body. Regular treatments with Carly have assisted me to maintain a level of health I don’t think I’ve experienced before! Her presence and wisdom really helps me to go into my process in a way that I haven’t been able to do with other massage therapists. She’s incredibly talented and appreciated. I highly recommend Carly’s work to anyone looking for support in releasing old patterns and finding joy in their life!”

Kimberly Leslie
Energy Healing :: Intentional Creativity

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"I went to see Carly for a Thai massage in her beautiful, peaceful studio. Carly was very welcoming and personable. She was professional and explained the techniques she would be using. The massage itself was amazing! A combination of massaging and stretching. It was perfect for my aching muscles as well as for my self care. After the massage, I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I have already booked another Thai massage with Carly and I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Milena Bieri
Registered Social Worker
Nelson, B.C

lisa webb.jpg

“I had an idea of what was holding me back in my life but I found myself repeating old patterns - going round and round and not being able to maintain new ways of being/thinking. Since working with Carly, I’ve made some big changes. She’s helped me to shift my mindset so that I’m focusing on how far I’ve come versus how far I’ve got to go - I feel like a weight has been lifted! I now see that the small things make a profound difference, like breathing and trusting that I’m exactly where I need to be. I would recommend Carly’s work to anyone interested in a holistic approach to healing and exploring on a deeper level what makes them tick”

Lisa Webb
Registered Nurse
Victoria, B.C

Leona photo.jpeg

“It was one of the best massages I’ve ever received!! If you have a strong desire to relax, be nurtured and learn more about your own body, Carly is the person to go to.”

Leona Fowler
Entrepreneur, Mama
Victoria, B.C

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