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Counselling & Somatic Therapy: Services

My counselling approach is collaborative and client-centered. I work from a mindfulness and somatic-based approach that seeks to nourish wholeness in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

My goal is to support you to shift old ways of being and move toward how you wish to be in your life. I aim to bring you into contact with your own inner knowing. I am deeply respectful that you intuitively know what is best for you and that we all have a natural ability to heal and grow.

In counselling sessions, I will work with you to examine your life, identify any areas where you feel stuck or in need of support, offer helpful skills, tools, and practices, help you to re-connect to your life goals and values, and re-discover your own innate resources for well-being.

Together we can hold all of the pieces and parts of your life, see how they relate from a greater perspective and discover the way through with compassion and kindness. Often what lies on the other side is growth, learning, and a greater sense of meaning and vitality.

I can support you if you are:​

  • feeling stuck and unable to change

  • being gripped by painful thoughts or emotions

  • dealing with grief or loss

  • struggling in relationship

  • depressed and lacking motivation

  • anxious and/or having panic attacks

  • struggling with disordered eating and body image issues

  • recovering from traumas or overwhelming life events, including birth trauma

  • moving through life transitions

  • experiencing a loss of meaning and purpose

  • experiencing pre-natal/postpartum struggles and/or needing parenting support



A body-oriented approach to healing trauma that restores connection to one’s authentic self with self-regulation, relaxation, wholeness, and aliveness.

Trauma and chronic stress can keep your nervous system locked in a fight-flight-freeze response and block you from experiencing your deepest sense of wellbeing. These stress patterns can interfere with physical health and emotional wellness.

With guidance and support, you can unwind these patterns and find a deep sense of peace and empowerment.

As a Relational Somatic Therapist, I support you to resource the inner wisdom of your body for healing and transformation.

Through using the felt sense and body awareness it is possible to transform the ways we connect with ourselves, others, and our environment. In particular, Somatic Therapy is a gentle, respectful, and compassionate way to approach and renegotiate trauma of all kinds. By slowing down and listening to the language of the nervous system, we can access the wisdom of the body to restore equilibrium and grow resilience.

Counselling & Somatic Therapy: Text

Working with somatic awareness can support you to develop an awareness of:

  • How your thoughts and emotions relate to your inner body responses and sensations

  • An expanded range of life experiences & choice

  • An embodied sense of SAFETY and sense of SELF

  • Resources that nurture and soothe you

  • The language & wisdom of your body

Counselling & Somatic Therapy: Text


My goal is to support you to shift old ways of being and move toward how you wish to be in your life. I believe that by coming into relationship with our authentic self, we can connect to our inner wisdom and power to heal.

My holistic approach supports change and growth through therapeutic processes that attend to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  I offer a safe space where you can reflect, expand, and explore your inner world in order to reconnect to your strengths, values, and sense of wholeness.

I draw from neuroscience, attachment theory, nervous system regulation, mindfulness, parts work, and embodiment practices all through a trauma-informed and strength-based lens. 

I specialize in working with young adults, adults, and couples of all genders, sexualities, and relationship orientations.

Counselling & Somatic Therapy: Text


Individual Counselling (in-person & virtual):

$140 including GST for 60 minutes

$200 including GST for 90 minutes

Couples Counselling (in-person & virtual):

$165 including GST for 60 minutes

$220 including GST for 90 minutes

Payment can be made by cash, credit card, or e-transfer

Registered Therapeutic Counsellors (RTC’s) are covered by some extended health plans. 

Reaching out for support can be daunting and my intention is to make the process as easeful as possible. Please don't hesitate to reach out for an initial free consultation to discuss your needs and determine if we might be a good fit!

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All of the information that we share together is strictly confidential unless one of the following should occur:

  • The courts subpoena our files or I am subpoenaed as a witness in court.

  • If I suspect cases of child abuse that have not been previously reported. This includes physical harm, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and emotional harm. In this case, we are required by law to report to the Ministry of Children and Families.

  • If you threaten to harm yourself or another. In this case, we are also required to report this to the proper authorities.

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Setting time aside for therapy and committing to that time is an important act of honoring oneself and the therapeutic process. I ask that you cancel appointments with me as soon as you are aware that you need to.

If you cancel with a minimum of 48 hours notice, no fee will be charged. If you contact me to cancel with less than 48 hours notice, half of the regular fee will be charged. If you do not contact me to cancel I will assume that you are late for the appointment, wait for you throughout the appointment time, and the full fee will be charged.

If you arrive late for a session, we will end at the originally scheduled end time, and the full session fee will apply.

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